5 Common Causes of a Leaky Showerhead

5 Common Causes of a Leaky Showerhead

Leaking showerheads is never good for bathrooms.  It can cause slips and accidents. Unattended leaks in your showerheads can also promote dirt and mould build-up in your bathroom tiles. Leaks, in any form, whether in your showerheads, pipes or in your faucets can cause you to throw hundreds of dollars down the drain.

There are many reasons that may cause your showerheads to leak. However, you should never attempt to do the repair by yourself. For any leak issues or plumbing issues, you should always hire emergency hot water repair services from your trusted local plumbing contractor. Here are the most common cause of shower leaks in your home and how you can avoid them with and without professional help.

Slice and Damaged Seals

Liners are installed underneath showerheads to be able to prevent water leakages. If these lines are not installed properly or if the corners are not snugly placed tightly and in place, leaks are bound to happen. Slicing into the liner can also cause these areas to leak. If these liners are hurriedly installed, you are creating a stray water spray that falls directly on the subfloor. The complexity of the liner installation always requires a professional plumber, to ensure that they are installed properly.

Tile Grout Issues

Grouts should be seamlessly installed to prevent any leaks and water from seeping. If there is a tiny hole in your grout, they are bound to get bigger and are a clear path to water damage. Although it seems economical to have your tiles installed DIY, it is best to hire a professional to see your tiles and apply your grouts, especially in the bathroom area. Periodical applications of liquid sealers to keep these areas water-tight are also essential to prevent water damage and to avoid mould build-up. If your tile begins to fall and fail, you may have to prepare to call for repairs.

Faulty Faucets

A faulty faucet can cause issues on your showerheads. A non-working showerhead and faucet is one of the most common causes of leaks. The best solution to this issue is by locating and fixing the problematic pipes. However, this issue is always tricky and requires attention from professionals. If your leaking pipes are buried behind the cement board, you can never attempt to do a DIY fix. During bathroom remodelling, It would be best to ask your plumber to install a new shower head assembly to prevent possible leaks in the future.

Gaps in the Caulk

The presence of gaps in the caulking that is located at the base of the shower is one of the most common causes of leaks in the showerhead. A caulking gun is the usual go to tool of DIY officers in resolving this issue. However, if you want to achieve a water-tight, attractive and continuous seal, you might want to call your local professional plumber instead. If you notice gaps and cracks that are present in your current caulks, your professional installer can also help resolve and seal all those leaks.

Showerheads are bound to leak as they tear, wear and age. To be able to prevent this, or to extend the lifespan of our showerheads, it would be best to shorten your shower time or simply have an accessory attached at the back of the showerhead to stop the water from flowing. Doing so also helps you prevent losing water temperature. Consider getting a low-flow showerhead if you would want to decrease the chances of getting leaks in your showerheads in the future. In addition, regular maintenance checks by your reliable plumbing contractor can prevent such issues from arising in the future.