4 Things To Note When Switching Between Energy Companies

4 Things To Note When Switching Between Energy Companies

Sometimes we can get tired of our energy providers, and various reasons will make such a decision reasonable. Fortunately, the good news is that we are not tied forever to one provider; we can switch companies when we want.

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Why should you change energy providers?

Moving house is one reason for changing your energy provider; however, if you are not moving house, some reasons you might want to change are;

· To find a better price.

If your existing service becomes too costly or expensive for you and your budget, you might want to compare energy providers to find competitive pricing.

· To look for one that suits your current needs.

The decision to change your energy supplier can also result from some changes in your principle of operation. For instance, you might have become taken in with the idea of using renewable energy as an energy source to reduce your carbon footprint.

· To find flexibility

Sometimes, you might want a plan that allows you to lock in your rates for a time or allows you to make changes to your account without the hassle of punishment. This issue of flexibility can cause you to change energy suppliers.

· To enjoy better customer service.

If you are dissatisfied with your current supplier’s customer service relation, you will want to find a better one that allows for more inclusivity between the provider and the client.

It can take up to three months for you to complete the process of changing your energy supplier, and it will cost you nothing to compare them. However, your present provider might require an exit fee before you can cancel the contract you both have.

How to Switch Your Energy Provider

1. Take stock of your current plan’s exit fees.

It would be best if you reviewed your current electricity plan’s terms and conditions to determine whether you will have to lay an exit fee before cancelling since your contract is still on. It is best to keep them in mind even if they are less than the amount you will save when you switch.

2. Review your current rates and discounts, if any.

You will have a clearer understanding of what good value is when weighing your current plan against others by understanding the usage rates and discounts applied to your account. Your provider should help you find these out if they are not mentioned on your bill.

3. Pay all outstanding bills.

You must endeavour to pay all outstanding debt before you consider switching. This is because the move will be hindered if there is any debt to be paid. However, as long as you do not have overdue payments, you can switch retailers even if your current billing cycle has not been completed.

4.    Determine your energy requirements

To understand the right plan for your needs, you have to understand your energy requirements. A family will need a different plan compared to a single person who might not stay home often. When you calculate your energy costs, you can decide what plan will suit you and how much you can afford for it.

Make sure to compare different plans and then choose that which is best for you. You should also note your new billing cycle, as it can be different from your previous supplier.