Top 5 Benefits of Gas Piping

Top 5 Benefits of Gas Piping

Contrary to popular belief, electrical appliances are not entirely cost efficient. In fact, around 70% of electricity is lost during its generation and distribution, Thus, around 30% of our actual electricity consumption is the only amount that we receive in our homes. On the other hand, transporting and distributing gas has around 10% loss, thus households get to enjoy 90% of the total gas they pay for. This simply means that gas fuelled appliances have three times efficiency compared to electrically powered ones. The efficiency of gas over electricity is just one of the advantages they can offer over electrically powered appliances.

Here are 5 more benefits of gas piping that you may consider before installing one in your homes.

It works even if the power is out

Unlike electrically powered appliances, you can still use your gas pipings even when the power is out. This is very beneficial especially during cold months when power outages are frequent. Ensure that you are working with a certified gas plumber Sydney when installing gas pipings in your home. They ensure that it is safely installed and within the building codes requirement. If you choose gas pipings, the heat will still work even if the lights don’t.

They provide more than heat

Gas pipes are not limited to the heating system of your home. They can be also used in powering up a wide range of appliances in your homes. it can be used for drying clothes on top of being a fuel for your fireplaces. Gas pipings can be also installed to power your water heaters and your cooking appliances. Outdoor barbeques are also perfect with gas pipings in your home.

Natural gas that powers gas pipings can also be used to heat water on your bath tubs and swimming pool. Fueling your outdoor lighting can also be sustained by gas piping. Be sure to have them checked regularly by a reliable gas piping professional to ensure efficiency and safe use.

Gas piping is convenient to use and easily available

Gas lines can be conveniently installed below the ground reducing the risk of supply disruption. Storms and blackouts do not refrain you from using your gas-powered appliances. It is very convenient to use and you do not have to worry about running out of fuel or having to refill gas cylinders that is common when you run out of gas regularly.

Natural gas is environment-friendly

Gas piping is powered by natural gas. This type of gas burns very clean, compared to butane and charcoal. Compared to other fuel alternatives available out there like nitrogen and sulphur, natural gas is friendly for you home. Natural gas releases carbon dioxide when they burn. These are released to the air and do not cause difficulty in breathing. However, it is still required to have your gas pipings checked annually to ensure that there are no leaks that may cause accidents and gas poisoning in your homes.

Gas pipings is the safer option

Unlike gas cylinders that can easily catch fire and may burn due to mishandling, gas pipes do not pose the same amount of threat in your homes. Gas cylinders are exposed and may be affected with floods and other external factors. Gas pipes are located underground, thus it is safe from floods and other outdoor risks that may cause them to catch fire. Turning off the gas supply is also easy. However, the risk comes with the installation. Always work with professional and licensed gas pipe specialists so that your gas pipes are installed properly and within state and building guidelines.

Gas pipes are versatile, affordable and cost-conscious alternatives to gas tanks and electricity. To avoid leaks, one of the common issues with gas pipes, ensure that you are working with professional gas fitters that follow the codes of ethics laid out by your state.