A Guide To Purchasing And Installing A Wine Cooler

A Guide To Purchasing And Installing A Wine Cooler

If you are interested in buying a wine cooler, allow the following blog to provide some clarity. The blog will aim to explain what an integrated wine cooler means, the best wine coolers of 2022 so far, what factors you should consider when purchasing a wine cooler, and how to install a wine cooler by yourself correctly. Moreover, many different sources are listing and aiding you in the best dual zone wine fridge to purchase and should further explain thermoelectric cooling regarding a wine cooler.    

What does an integrated wine cooler mean?

An integrated wine cooler is a wine cooler built into any existing space, such as in an empty cabinet or under the countertop. Due to its built-in manner, one cannot move it around; thus, the word integrated.  

The best wine coolers of 2022 

If you are considering purchasing a wine cooler, here are the best ones of 2022 so far. The Baumatic BWC305SS/2 Built-In Wine Cooler is the first to be named. It houses up to 19 bottles of wine, circulates the air evenly and will only cost you £26.03 to run annually regarding the energy consumption. Moreover, there is the Cavecool wine cooler. This wine cooler can house up to 21 bottles, it has two cooling areas, and it has UV protected glass to prevent any sun rays from penetrating the glass. Additionally, one can consider the Swan SR16210GRN Table Top Wine Cooler. This specific wine cooler can house up to 12 bottles and has received an A+ in energy efficiency, so; therefore will not be costly to run.  

Factors to consider when purchasing a wine cooler

When purchasing a wine cooler, there are a few factors to consider: the bottle capacity. If you are a wine lover, you may consider looking at a wine cooler that can house many bottles. Furthermore, if you drink both red and white wines, you may want to consider purchasing a dual-zone wine cooler. A dual-zone wine cooler allows more than one temperature to be set within the fridge, which is ideal when housing multiple different types of wine as they all have additional temperature requirements. In addition to this, if you are placing your wine cooler in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, the wine cooler should have UV protected glass to avoid any sun rays from penetrating. This is essential as sunlight can begin to alter the wine. 

How to install a wine cooler by yourself

If you have taken on the challenge of installing your wine cooler yourself, here is a step-by-step guide. First, select an adequate power supply that can also be within range of your wine cooler. Avoid using an extension lead, as it will eliminate you from any warranties. Secondly, make sure that the room where you are placing the wine cooler is big enough to allow you to open the wine cooler and has space on the sides of the wine cooler to allow ventilation. Thirdly, put your wine cooler in place but do not switch it on just yet. If your wine cooler has mounting plates, secure them. Fourthly, make sure that your wine cooler is level to avoid any wine bottles from falling out or rolling around. The majority of wine coolers come with adjustable legs to adjust the level accordingly. Lastly, let the wine cooler settle for two hours before switching it on. 

A wine cooler is a great way to store one’s wine in a controlled and contained environment, ensuring that it will age effortlessly and peacefully.