How to Get a Reliable Home Furniture Supplier

How to Get a Reliable Home Furniture Supplier

It can be a frustrating experience, going through all the possible home furniture suppliers and trying to locate the ones you want to work with. Here is a list that you can take with you through your business years, helping you focus on the right supplier(s) your business deserves. Get tp read some of our suggestions to remember when choosing a home furniture supplier.

Inventory and Selection of Products

When you sell products, you want to make sure that you can deliver what the consumer needs when they want to, which is why inventory plays a large part in finding the best supplier. For example, are you specialists in chairs? You would want a manufacturer on demand willing to meet all your chair orders. Search for vendors on product fulfilment with decent lead time. And if objects go in reverse order, how long does it take to complete them? Will it take weeks or months?

Your choice of a supplier that has a wide range of products will depend on your business model. For example, good furniture wholesalers should have a variety of upholstered storage ottomans in a range of prices, so you can find the pieces you know your buyers are looking for to sell. In the same way, if your focus is home lighting items like lamps, bulbs, suppliers like Lampeguru with enough stock will be a viable option to consider.

What is the processing time for the goods supplied? How much are products discontinued? Is the retailer offering a diverse range of new products all year round? The more their stock refreshes, the more you will do the same in your shops.

Marketing, Promotions, and Social Media

Consider how they market their goods while searching for customers. Will they like their dealers being involved in their marketing? Do they have accounts on social media that generate enthusiasm around certain items?

Does the retailer have a promotional policy? Will they sell discounted goods sales discounts to dealers? How frequently? Would you need to represent their promotions yourself? Or do you get free rein on when and how many things you want to discount?

Reviews of the goods are a significant benefit in today’s online industry. Will your manufacturer have a product feedback database available on its website? Will they invite you to post reviews on their website? You may also search for feedback on reputable review sites like, but be cautious because many of the feedbacks that come from end-users who do not understand the business model of wholesale.


A business is a business when it comes down to it. That means you have to find a way to make money – you have to cover the simple payroll expenses, pay the workers, reinvest in your company, and at the end of it, of course, have plenty left over.

When choosing a manufacturer, you want to take a close look at their commodity costs as well as their MAP pricing practices, which can have a significant and massive effect on how you manage sales and promotions). Factors such as freight, service charges, and regional taxes may influence the overall cost of the product.