Problems Your Home Might Have, and How To Fix Them

Problems your home might have, and how to fix them

In Finland, we tend to be very house proud. We like to have a house that will make us proud to invite people over to. And we want everyone to know how great we are at keeping everything in order. This will mean keeping things nice and clean.

But sometimes, a few things pop up that are out of our control.


The first issue that can arise is mould. This can be regular green mould, and sometimes even black mould. Neither is very good, but black mould is the worst kind.

Not only does it look terrible, but it can also be extremely bad for your health. Spores from the mould can get into your lungs, and make you feel very sick.

Should you ever find mould in your house, you should clean it up before it spreads. This will mean using a strong cleaning product, for example, one from KitchenTime.


Another issue that you might have is mice, roaches, or other pests.

These guys like to live in our homes with us. And nobody likes them.

Not only do they eat the food that we buy for ourselves, but they also like to gnaw at our furniture. This is particularly annoying when you have very nice furniture.

They’re unhygienic too as they always leave their presents behind.

To avoid getting pests, you should always clean up after yourself, and avoid eating food in your bedroom. If they do show up, make sure to get some hands-on some traps, or call in an exterminator.


Drafts a common problem in older houses.

During the winter months, they can make the house very cold indeed! The cold air can get in through the window, and affect your home.

This isn’t just annoying, it can also be very expensive. Because your house is colder, it will require you to use more heat, and that will increase your heating bill.

If you do have a draught. You should get yourself some draft blockers, or call an expert in to sort out your window. Doing this will cost you less than your heating bill will if you don’t.


And the final problem that you might have in your house is blandness. Particularly if your house is a new build, it can be lacking in character.

There are several ways that you can give your house a bit of a personality. You could get some pictures to put onto the walls, get some furniture from a charity shop, do the garden up nicely, or paint the walls in fun colours.

You want your house to feel like a home and not just some sort of Ikea display.

Where to get stuff?

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