10 Useful Tips When Buying a Wine Fridge

10 Useful Tips When Buying a Wine Fridge

Have you been perusing the Winecoolershop and decided the right time for your first wine fridge? Excellent decision! 

Even though you know a wine fridge is the best way to store your wine, all the options can be overwhelming. However, if your search history has items like ‘wine fridge slim and ‘how to clean a wine fridge’, you already know a bit of knowledge goes a long way. So here are some valuable tips that will help you on your way to being a happy wine fridge owner.

Wine Fridge Sizes

Choose the right size fridge to match your wine collection size and home.

  • A slim wine fridge can fit into an unused corner, saving space. Built-in units matching your decor make them ideal for smaller homes. Naturally, your wine fridge must match your lifestyle.
  • Free-standing fridges have dual-temperature zones, ideal for larger collections and entertaining.
  • Bonus Pro Tip – always buy one size larger than you think. There will always be bottles for birthdays and holiday souvenirs. They need a home too.

Wine Fridge Temperature Options

Wine likes to be stored at different temperatures from its serving temperatures.

  • A slim wine fridge or a compact model can only have one temperature setting. Use it to maintain the serving temperature, so you are always ready.
  • Dual-temperature zoned wine fridges can be used for storage and serving temperatures but can also be only for serving. Different wine serving temperatures mean you can have reds and whites at peak pouring temperatures in one appliance. The choice is yours.

Best Place to Put Your Wine Fridge

  • If your wine fridge is intended for storage alone, find a spot where it will be undisturbed. Incessant door opening by curious guests or children will cause temperature fluctuations.
  • If the wine fridge is destined to be under-counter, ensure the door can open freely without disrupting foot traffic. Easy access to a smaller home’s kitchen and the wine fridge is a priority. Check the cabinet door doesn’t hinder traffic flow with integrated wine fridges. Some wine fridges have removable door handles. 

Wine fridges add instant glamour when installed in a cabinet yet are fully visible. This popular style is seen in many interior designs. Equally, with a well-thought-out installation, your home can showcase the sophisticated oenophile lifestyle.

Wine Fridge Installation Tips

  • Wine spills are a fact of life. A plastic mat under your free-standing fridge saves any wine stain headaches.
  • Wine fridges need sufficient space for airflow to ensure proper working.
  • Avoid placing your wine fridge by any heat source near an oven or direct sunlight.
  • Never put your wine fridge on top of another appliance, like a washing machine, to avoid vibration. Wine hates vibration.

With these basics in place, you are on your way to successful wine-fridge ownership. Take the time to do virtual window shopping to see which wine fridges match your home and lifestyle. By checking out larger, established suppliers, you are more likely to find special deals or even perks like free delivery or installation. When you have decided on the perfect brand, read some reviews to learn from other people’s experiences. A little effort and realistic planning will ensure you get a suitable fridge for your needs. Bottoms up!