Maintaining a lawn the right way

Maintaining a lawn the right way

If you have a lawn in your backyard, you can really talk about luck. After all, having a lawn is really handy and a wonderful addition to the garden. The children can play happily on the lawn and of course your pets can too. Nevertheless, a lawn can quickly become unsightly and this can be due to bad weather conditions. If a lawn is not maintained properly, chances are that it will lose its color. As a result, the lawn is no longer in optimal condition and may even develop bald patches. Of course, you don’t want this, and this means that you need to start maintaining the lawn better. Many people do not know exactly how to maintain a lawn, and we understand that. After all, it is quite difficult and there are several tasks you have to perform. Scarifying a lawn is very important and this is overlooked by many people. Do you want to know what it is? In this article, we will tell you all about it, so you can learn more about it.

Scarifying a lawn

Scarifying a lawn is what many people forget about when maintaining the lawn, but it is very important. By scarifying, you can ensure that grass is given room to develop. By this, of course, we mean the space between the grass plants, and this space is often taken up. Moss, weeds and of course a layer of thatch often grow here. This can prevent the grass from absorbing water and sunlight. As a result, the grass can lose its colour and that, of course, is not what you want. With scarification, you can make sure that this thatch layer disappears, and this layer mainly contains dead organic material. Moss also has a suffocating effect on grass, which is why it can be useful to opt for a moss killer. How to get rid of moss is easy with a moss killer and this way the grass can still absorb everything.


Your lawn naturally needs to get the right nutrients so that it can actually grow. For this, it is best to use fertilizer especially for the lawn. This fertilizer often contains the right nutrients for the lawn and allows the grass to develop. Take a quick look at the provider and find the products you need for lawn care. The provider Moowy has a wide variety of products you can use.